"Start With You...<3" Affirmation Cards

"Start With You...<3" Affirmation Cards


“Start With You”.. Affirmation Cards

May these cards serve as true reminders of our inner power, worth, light, and beauty <3. 


30 Cards (ideal for each day of the month) NO DECK is the exact same. <3 

& Lots of Love !

3.3 x 2.2 inches


Choose a card, Say the affirmation out loud then let it rest on the copper display where you can see it and recite it mentally. The dual effect of both speaking and hearing helps encode the memory more strongly, 

You can also scatter them around your home as reminders to speak kindly to yourself, carry them in your wallet/purse, put them in your bra, make them part of your meditation practice, give them as gifts or leave them behind one by one for strangers to find... 


Remember, ”Start With You..<3”.. Love yourself, We are all deserving of love


These cards are not intended to replace getting mental health help if you need it! Please seek professional help if you have thoughts of self-harm or if your negative thoughts are limiting or overwhelming!


Circle : 

The circle emits energy evenly from all angles. It is believed that light, energy and time pass through it with no rules or hindrances.


Square : 

Works well with grounding energies and intentions since its energy is contained and enhanced evenly within the shape. Has the ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. 


Copper : 

Conductor of energy, when used with crystals it intensifies,enhances and channels their properties and transforms energy back and forth.


Please note that I am using my stock photos. This means that you may not receive the exact item listed in the pictures, but a very similar one.


Please note that these cards are presented for informational purposes only. This information is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute, for medical | emotional | physical advice, treatment or diagnosis. If you are experiencing any symptoms or have any specific questions concerning your mental health | emotional health | physical health, please consult with your healthcare provider.

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