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11x15 Scribble Paper 002

11x15 Scribble Paper 002

+ scribble paper 001 +
Mixed Media
Original abstract art
Inspired by @littledragonflicks 


Scribble Paper came about from on of my favorite songs by my favorite group (LittleDragon) called Scribble Paper. The way the music starts to the way she comes in singing is what inspired me the most. Being a musician myself I fell in love with the chords. The strings. The mood. Their sound selection on the song, every time, give me goosebumps. Yukimi’s voice comes in at the perfect time, like always. The bass that Erik plays throughout the track is my favorite part! It carries so much color, so much life, so much richness was added and that’s what I’d like to accomplish with this series. I hope that each piece you see, you feel the song in the same way I did. In awe of it. Music has always been my first love and I try to make my paintings flow just like a scribble on paper.


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