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Relationship Kit

Relationship Kit


These are the crystals the Universe guided us to make this kit. It was thoughtfully designed to address the fact that when it comes to attracting someone special, growing with your current partner, building friendships, or healing family issues, it may not always be easy. These crystals are powerful tools that can help express love for yourself and others, through your words, thoughts, actions, and intentions, and ultimately prepare you to receive, give, and sustain love. In other words, these crystals help you help yourself.


Selenite: Ability to unblock stagnant energy and removes negative energies. It greatly magnifies the energy of any crystal placed upon it. Shields a person or space from outside influences.


Sodalite: Promotes peaceful communication; Reduces negative energy while promoting positive energy. Helps to remain optimistic in the face of challenges and releases emotional tension and helps alleviate fears, transforming these feelings into balanced emotions. Works with the subconscious and allows you to access emotions and opinions that you may try to hide from yourself and others. Encourages peace within the spirit. It balances emotions and helps one feel stabilized. It can reduce anxiety and panic attacks, as well as oversensitivity.


Red Garnet: Is a crystal of commitment, and is said to improve, heal, and strengthen relationships. If you are experiencing changes in your life, it is a good idea to carry a piece of this stone. The presence of a red garnet will lessen your worries while helping you focus on the good things. Symbolizes a strong romantic love or platonic connection. It also carries the energies of desire as well as passion, security, permanence, and stability.


Window Quartz: Provide you with a window to look into and can be used to stimulate healing. Powerful teacher crystals, and aids in the willingness to accept the truth of one's self. It provides a perspective and understanding of one's reality, melting of insecurities, and it will come to a person when they are ready to take an honest look within and are ready to accept the truth.


Rhodonite: Helps one face the truth about oneself and others, without excuses or evasion, but with loving awareness. It assists in identifying negative behaviors and ongoing patterns and brings compassion and healing, self-forgiveness, as well as an understanding of others’ responsibility for their actions. Shows how important it is to forgive yourself and reminds us to show compassion and love to ourselves


Please note that I am using my stock photos. This means that you may not receive the exact item listed in the pictures, but a very similar one.


Please note that these crystals are presented for informational purposes only. This information is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute, for medical | emotional | physical advice, treatment or diagnosis. If you are experiencing any symptoms or have any specific questions concerning your mental health | emotional health | physical health, please consult with your healthcare provider.

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