Medium Merkaba

Medium Merkaba


The word Merkaba can be translated as light -Mer, Spirit-Ka body-Ba,

it means spirit and body surrounded by Light.


A Merkaba-shaped crystal appears as a star tetrahedron; a 3-dimensional 8-pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up, the other down. A Merkaba shaped crystal is an efficient tool that can be used in different ways to help reach our full potential. It can be made of different crystals with powerful healing and cleansing properties. Merkabas are wonderful for amplifying any intention.


Please note that these crystals are presented for informational purposes only. This information is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute, for medical | emotional | physical advice, treatment or diagnosis. If you are experiencing any symptoms or have any specific questions concerning your mental health | emotional health | physical health, please consult with your healthcare provider.

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