I heard the voice say wake up there's a fire

the room was orange, black, yellow, white, and different hues of blue. 

scared out of my mind. i ran to her and she grabbed me and my brother and dipped. 

one of the first experiences i had with ashes. 

our apartment caught on fire when i was younger and i remember seeing y dolls head on the sealing; burned to crips. melted. 

that's what life feels like right now. 

i'm going through my fire and trying to put it out but i'm not fast, strong, confident enough to do it, so i watch everything melt like my doll. 

don't let your life melt like my doll. don't loose sight of the door. it's right in front of you. remember to face every challenge head on with your head held high, confidence, love and compassion in your heart. fall in love with the ashes because new life is coming from it. Stay focused love. 


-Love Anah.




Currently embarking on my healing journey && this is the first piece of the series called #ashes . I dedicated each piece to the layers of fear and negativity and emotional damage that I and others have caused. I am facing my fears, my mistakes, my past, my life decisions full frontal and embarking on my journey. I’m writing my letters and burning them. Apologizing and forgiving myself and the ones who hurt me. This is me. This is anah. This is ashes.



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