my mind doesn't look like yours. 

it's surrounded by lines, shapes, sounds, patterns, and colors

it's also dark and muted. 

i was in this dark space for a while and now i'm finally coming to.

i see brighter things in my future 

and so i say this:

believe that you'll come too as well. believe that your mind will heal from the trauma. believe that with time you'll learn to find your way without others interference or input on your life. you'll stand in your truth and be confident in everything that you do and say. i love you. you got this. 

- love Anah.




Currently embarking on my healing journey && this is the first piece of the series called #ashes . I dedicated each piece to the layers of fear and negativity and emotional damage that I and others have caused. I am facing my fears, my mistakes, my past, my life decisions full frontal and embarking on my journey. I’m writing my letters and burning them. Apologizing and forgiving myself and the ones who hurt me. This is me. This is anah. This is ashes.




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