Eye see where everything went wrong. 

eye see where my mistakes played a part in life decisions 

i'm facing them head on and burning everything that isn't working for me

i'm fascinated with lighting things on fire, write now.

i've been writing letters and going to town with it.

forgiveness and joy is all i want out of this project. 

my life is going to blossom after this fire goes out. 

the direction that i'm going is to write the wrongs and clear my eyes of trauma. 

circle back with me in time now and watch me glow up in a blaze of glory.


-Love Anah.




Currently embarking on my healing journey && this is the first piece of the series called #ashes . I dedicated each piece to the layers of fear and negativity and emotional damage that I and others have caused. I am facing my fears, my mistakes, my past, my life decisions full frontal and embarking on my journey. I’m writing my letters and burning them. Apologizing and forgiving myself and the ones who hurt me. This is me. This is Anah. This is ashes.


-Love anah



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