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Protect Yo Crown Ametrine Copper Hat

Protect Yo Crown Ametrine Copper Hat


Wrapped in Copper


Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine and combines the healing powers of both. It stimulates creativity and supports taking control of one’s own life. Strengthens concentration, bringing clarity, and harmonising perception and action. Ametrine instigates change and eases transition. Both amethyst and citrine are detoxifiers, so it helps cleanse emergy, aura, and spirit.


Please note that these crystals are presented for informational purposes only. This information is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute, for medical | emotional | physical advice, treatment or diagnosis. If you are experiencing any symptoms or have any specific questions concerning your mental health | emotional health | physical health, please consult with your healthcare provider.

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