7 Years...[Original]

7 Years...[Original]



Oragatan submission for La Bodega Venus Exhibit

Prisma Color Pencils 

12x18 Black Paper Framed

Signed by Gabi (@ilovegaba)

"This piece was inspired by my life. As some know my mom passed away when i was 7 and while she loved me as best as she could, there were certain aspect that wasnt there, unfortunately. After sharing this recently to co-workers in such a vulnerable and open way it literally kept me up at night. I shared how this affecting me, i teared up, in front of people who may or may not have deserved to know that about me. This openness caused me to think aside from humans, what's the most nurturing animal? The orangutan 😍. They actually cuddle, nurture, sleep with every night, protect, and teach survival skills to their young for 7 consecutive years ❤. 7 is the number of completion and will always hold a special place in my heart 💜. Mom, despite it all. Thank you for loving the best way you knew how. I wouldn't be who i am without that. " - Gabi

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