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"I love to let the crystal tell me how it wants to be wrapped. Each crystal is formed differently and has an endless amount of designs that stems from just one. This is my favorite part of creating my jewelry and pipes."

- Anah

our story...

Discover the enchanting world of AgevCo, a visionary black-owned business that seamlessly intertwines art, crystals, and the soulful craft of wire-wrapped crystal jewelry.


Our journey commenced with the discovery of a single piece of sea glass along the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago—a humble treasure that birthed a dream. From the heart of Chicago to the sun-soaked streets of San Diego, AgevCo flourished with a vibrant storefront for six years, radiating creativity and celebrating diversity.


Now, with unwavering determination, our founder has returned to Chicago, fueled by the desire to elevate AgevCo to even greater heights.


As we embark on new adventures, we invite you to join us in this unfolding narrative, where every handcrafted piece carries the energy of Lake Michigan and reflects the indomitable spirit of a woman-led enterprise making its mark on the world. Welcome to AgevCo—where art, crystals, and dreams come alive in each exquisite creation.

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2306 Lee St

Evaston, IL 60602

(619) 732-6382

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